USS Argo - B


Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
Type: Cruiser

Length: 237.6 meters
Width: 141.7 meters
Height: 58 meters
Decks: 11
Crew: 150 (can operate at full capacity for short periods of time with a crew of 20)
Passengers: 125 comfortably, up to 350 for up to a month.
Maximum speed: warp 8.5 for up to 10hours
Cruising speed: warp 7.5
Armaments: 6 twin-emitter phaser banks; 2 pulse-phaser cannons; 4 photon torpedo launchers.
Defences: Deflector shields, Duranium alloy hull.

Auxiliary craft:
12 Work bees
4 Shuttlecraft
1 Shuttlepods

Vessel History:
The USS Argo B was commissioned in 2320 from an older refit and was almost rebuilt from scratch with the main space frame being the only real original part of the first Argo, which was launched in 2297. She has seen service as everything from precious cargo transport to a long range patrol vessel.

The refit B vessel is noted for being one of the first of her class to have ship board replicators in the mess halls, senior officers quarters and recreation areas in addition to a regular galley, increased passenger capacity for emergencies.

She is currently fitted for long range patrol, cataloguing and escort duties.

USS Argo - B

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