The Orions are a humanoid race from the beta quandrant famous for their green skin and what many other species consider to be criminal activities like piracy and slavery.

They are also known for founding the Orion Syndicate, one of the most enduring and infamous criminal organisations in known space.

In their own language, they are referred to as Ur’eon or Kolari. The name “Orion” was derived from the Orion constellation.

The Orions are a older race when it comes to starfaring, hailing from Rigel VIII, or Botchok which is also called Orion. It is thought Orions have been exploring and exploiting the stars since what corresponds to the human middle ages or even earlier.

They first reached the stars by reverse engineering a crashed alien ship they have made a name in capturing alien technology rather than designing ships themselves. Given Orions openly do not follow an overriding philosophy or political structure they have developed a pragmatic amoral-ism which forms the basis of their often deserved reputation. They do not declare the grand destinies that most other races have.


Orions tend to correspond to roughly standards but their males tend to be more heavy set with defined muscalature. Orion females tend to be more athletic too on average, but like humans there is variation for larger and smaller in both genders.

Orion chemistry is closer to Vulcans and humans, with green blood. Almost all Orions vary in colour from emerald to dark olive greens.

Orions appear to have evolved on a planet with a blue-white sun. This appears to give them a better resistance to radiation in general than most other humanoid species. They also tend to be physically stronger than humans and more adept to social interaction.

Most Orions comfortably live to be 100, with the effects of age setting in from around 60. Orion females tend to need short naps rather than long periods of rest common in most species.

Orions, particular females have very powerful pheromones which accelerate the metabolism and adrenaline levels in males of many species including humans. This tends to leave them highly suggestible to the Orion female who produced them, often causing a kind of enthralment. Antidotes are commonly available for most Starfleet species on Starfleet vessels.

Human females, on the other hand, suffered a different, more negative effect, experiencing headaches and lethargy. It is thought these pheromones evolved to keep other females away from prospective mates. Regardless of this it appears than many Orion females are actually in control of their males. Not all males are vulnerable to this effect.

Society and Structure
There seem to be five facets to the common Orion’s way of thinking: opportunism, egocentricity, materialism, hedonism, and barbarity. They also have four primary motives: profit, loyalty, revenge, and spite.

A tiered society that is incredibly libertarian on one hand and incredibly cruel on the other. Legal slavery and a detailed piracy code makes them hard to understand for many outsiders. Orions tend not to disagree with outsiders negative evaluations of their culture and society. They see themselves as practical, not wasting time with lofty ideals.

Well bred and educated Orions are often very charming and polite even when faced as foes. It is not unheard of for Orions to entertain prisoners for days before executing them, probing them for gems of cultural and tactical wisdom before either growing bored or simply feeling nothing else can be learned.

However Orions are also known to be very loyal to whatever group, company or sect they belong to. They believe in friendship as something that cannot be brought or given lightly. They are usually very loyal to their family as well. It can generally be said that Orion loyalty is strongest at the small group level and weakest at large corporation and government level. Ironically this gives Orions a reputation for treachery since they do not regard large groups and governments highly.


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