Star Trek: Nightfall

Episode 4: The Ultimate Warrior Part 2

Once inside Klingon space the USS Argo – B and IKS Somraw were intercepted by the IKS Kruge who insisted on escorting them to Kronos. Not wanting attention the Argo and Somraw attacked – in a brilliant move Lt. Jennifer Robertson manually targeted and destroyed the IKS Kruge’s communications system in one hit. It didn’t take long to finish them off, knowing they were not able to send warning.

Once in the H’atoria System the IKS Somraw cloaked and the Argo began pounding on the heavily shielded base. A sequence of modified torpedoes carefully timed by Lieutenant Michael ‘Mikey’ Kahn saw a gap opened and the away teams beamed in.

The first team comprised of Lieutenant Michael ‘Mikey’ Kahn, Lt. Jennifer Robertson, Lieutenant Seamus Alexander along with several Starfleet Marines. Other teams staged distractions, including a team of Klingon Marines from the IKS Somraw.

Hacking into the facility’s central mainframe it didn’t take them long to find the laboratory. However whilst hacking the security system to turn on the bases’ automated defence systems and inadvertently caused the demise of many of their Klingon allies.

Storming the lab they were unsurprised to find the same Human geneticist working on the Klingon enhancement program they met in an earlier mission. Four modified Gorn/Klingon hybrids were swiftly dispatched by the geneticist escaped. Knowing the alarm had been raised and Klingon ships were inbound they set their charges and beamed back to the Argo.

At the border of the neutral zone Azatbur of House Krenn and her remaining crew returned to their ship. Azatbur thanked them in a particularly Klingon fashion and the Argo left for Earth to face the consequences of multiple violations of Starfleet and Federation regulations and treaties…



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