Star Trek: Nightfall

Episode 4: The Ultimate Warrior Part 1

Whilst back at Earth the Argo was dispatched to contact Dr. T’Prell at the Korvat Medical Research Lab near the Klingon Neutral Zone. Upon arrival they found evidence that the station had been attacked from within.

Before an Away Team could be sent to investigate two older Gorn ships appeared and attacked. Despite being outnumbered the Argo managed to destroy the ships, who were clearly not working for the Gorn government.

Beaming to the Lab they had to fight off several Gorn to rescue a captured crew and staff. During a particularly lethal phaser fight both Lieutenant Seamus Alexander and Lt. Jennifer Robertson were badly injured.

A Klingon Bird-of-Prey decloaked nearby and assistance was offered by Azatbur of House Krenn – help that is initially turned down until a larger Klingon warship appeared and had to be driven off by both the Argo and Azatbur’s vessel, the IKS Somraw.

After inviting Azatbur to confer the crew of the Argo learned of a rogue Klingon house plotting to enhance Klingon DNA with Vulcan DNA among other things – this could lead to Klingons with telepathic abilities which would result in the rogue house taking over the Empire and spreading untold conflict to their neighbours.

Due to the level of infiltration in the Klingon High Command and the lack of time available for Starfleet to come up with a solution Azatbur suggests she ‘capture’ the Argo and return to Klingon space with her prize…which will promptly escape and together they can conveniently destroy the hidden research facility on H’atoria Systemwhere they are melding DNA.

After much deliberation the Captain and Crew of the Argo agree to this plan…



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