Lt. Jennifer Robertson

Asst. Security Chief, USS Argo


Born on the 17th April 2322, both of Jennifer’s parents worked in the Federation Diplomatic Service. She spent almost as much time on Vulcan as she did on Earth and speaks Vulcan fluently albeit with a ‘human accent’.

Jennifer’s natural curiosity, boldness and sense of adventure saw her enrol in Starfleet Academy where she majored in Advanced Tactical Studies.

Jennifer’s cadet cruise was spent on the USS Yamaguchi, an Ambassador class ship commanded by Captain Tony Mitra. The ship spent most of it’s time on routine patrol between Federation core worlds.

Her official records show her performance was above average and she was noted as someone with minor discipline issues who is highly skilled and brave.

Her first tour was aboard the refitted USS Valley Forge serving mostly intra-Federation diplomatic runs for three years.

Her second tour was aboard the USS Mayflower which specialised in search and rescue, medical missions and support roles.

Jennifer has recently been posted to the USS Argo for frontier patrol. Jennifer has a reputation for being a highly skilled junior officer who can think on her feet but some say she has been held back from promotion because of her tendency to be reckless.

Lt. Jennifer Robertson

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