Star Trek: Nightfall

Episode 1: Extrication

The crew of the USS Argo battle against the clock and the backdrop of Federation politics to rescue innocent lives from the clutches of a ruthless and determined foe.


LCDR Carter’s Log Stardate 0411.14

The Argo was called out of port early to intercept a freighter that had been hijacked. While the full crew had yet to report we had enough hands to get underway and plan an intercept. Having a MACO detachment assigned, even a small one, gives us a great many options. The captain showed foresight in requesting them.

With the assistance of our new ensign, Robertson, and LCDR Kam we devised a plan to use one of our shuttles for a quick boarding action on intercept. A bit of computer code to scramble their sensors gave us the window we needed to glide over before they noticed us. Robertson’s a fair hand as a pilot. Can’t imagine why she’s been passed over for promotion. I’m sure the captain will see it corrected before long.

We attached the shuttle to one of the boarding craft used by the pirates and went aboard. We almost triggered an alarm, but LT Alexander was able to shut it down before it was a problem. Good thing I decided to include him at the last moment.

Alexander and Robertson took the bulk of the marines and went to engineering. I took two others on a quick tour of the Jeffries tube to see what we could learn. No possibilities suggested themselves, and I rejoined the rest of the away team in engineering.

What turned out to be Orion pirates came down to check on things. Robertson on the tricorder gave us a heads up and we moved to position to ambush. After some hot work we took two of them down, Robertson demonstrating she has a variety of talents that have been overlooked.

With that, we realized the pirates were on to us and we’d best storm the bridge and hope for the best. Not a text book plan, but the one we had. Fortunately, it went off smoothly. Alexander, Robertson and myself, with some back up, secured the bridge. The rest of the marines secured the crew of the USS Mount.

We found Captain Keaton (of the Mount) was on the bridge sitting on some pressure activated device rigged to blow the warp core. I went back to engineering to see what might be done from there. Alexander and Robertson worked with Keaton and a talkative Orion. The engineering side showed no good leads, so I stood ready to eject the warp core if needed.

After some quick thinking Alexander got something from the Orions and we brought an engineer over to replace a panel. With that, we were able to neutralize the device and get the ship shut down before it made it to Cardassian space.

A good piece of press for Starfleet, much needed after the pirate incident near Altair VI last year, and I dare say we didn’t look bad. Desk jockeys will no doubt question why we choose to storm the bridge, but no casualties is no casualties so there isn’t much they can say. The lingering question is, why were the Orions this close Cardassian space? I’m sure both are going to be a problem in the upcoming patrol.

Episode 1: Extrication

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