The year is 2351:

Despite it’s utopian reputation The United Federation of Planets remains a fragile coalition of outer worlds around a more united core banded together as much for mutual protection as prosperity and advancement.

For almost five decades there has been an uneasy peace with the Klingons, who ended hostilities with the Federation to combat massive environmental disaster on their home world. Disaster they have all but recovered from…

Few in the Federation have seen or heard from the enigmatic Romulans either, although rumours persist of a Klingon/Romulan war – a war the Klingons deny and hide well if it’s true.

Five decades of no more than border troubles with the Tholians and Gorn, several new worlds joining the Federation and a growing sense of contentment which has cause some to ask why the Federation in it’s present form is even needed.

But now there is a new threat from a growing power in the Alpha Quandrant, the Cardassian Union – a vaguely reptilian species who have moved from a seemingly peaceful existence to one of strong militaristic expansion. As their borders have grown closer to the Federation and it’s affiliates misunderstanding and conflict have increased.

It is in these volatile times that the men and women of Starfleet will see some of their greatest challenges yet…

Star Trek: Nightfall

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