Lieutenant Michael 'Mikey' Kahn


Now Lt. Commander Khan struggles with star fleet politics on a daily basis and spends most of his day protecting his engineers from what he considers star fleet fluff. The only branch of star fleet, other than engineering, that he has shown any natural affiliation for are the Star Fleet marines following his two tours on the front lines, countless boarding party offences and defences. For the marines he will bend over backwards and do cartwheels, whereas the other departments have to fill out all the paperwork in triplicate if its not within engineering’s normal scope.

Lt. Commander Khan comes from a small reservation on earth, selected for natural aptitude into engineering. He never speaks of it, and his only claim to his heritage is a dream catcher in his office above his chair made out of titanium threads lined with det cord. Because in his own words “the spirits need all they help they can get catching the star fleet shit for ideas that star fleet command sends to engineering”.

He has spent 4 years teaching explosive boarding to star fleet marines and engineers attached to said units. His classes had a 70% fail rate, and no one in the marines or star fleet said a word to him about the failures. Explosive boarding techniques are ancient in technique but when dealing with explosives there is no such thing as “close enough” and he haszero tolerance for any deviation from proper explosive handling.

He spent 10 years of his star fleet time in frontier space, keeping his ship up and running and helping marines breach enemy ships. By the end of the tours, if the marines were going, he was going. He still keeps in touch with all of them, and the marines on his current ship know of him by reputation. He has a good working relationship with the marine Lt, and puts effort into that relationship. Being an engineer is good, but being in a marine breaching party is “fun”.

Lieutenant Michael 'Mikey' Kahn

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