LCDR John Carter

A frontiersman from the Old World - of Mars.


In his mid-thirties John has been assigned to the USS Argo for the past 18 months while it finished it’s shakedown cruise. During that time he has cross-served from Command in to Operations, where he now functions as department head. He has no plans for a permanent transfer, he just believes a captain should know how a starship works. With commendations and record for coolness under fire, John fully expect to make command – one day.

A “Sol” human from the frontier lands of a terraformed Mars, John can seem more direct and more willing to fight than Terran humans. While unity has brought an abundance of resources to all humans in Sol, there are still lingering social distinctions, and as a Martian human John Carter tends to rub some folks the wrong way – particularly if they are hostile aliens.

During the course of his career he’s had more than one opportunity to see Cardassians up close and personal, and he hasn’t liked what he saw. John makes no bones about feeling the Cardassians are a threat, and it’s his bluntness on this topic that could well see to it that he never makes command.

Starfleet Academy Graduation: 2338
Cadet Cruise: USS Repulse (Early promotion from encounter at Deneb IV) 2338-2340
Assignment: USS Mayflower (Served during the incident at Tran-Ky-Ky) 2340-2343
Assignment: USS Saladin (Commended for bravery under fire) 2344-2347
Assignment: Starfleet Academy (Terra – SERE Instructor) 2347-2350
Assignment: USS Argo (Operations Department Head) 2350-current

LCDR John Carter

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