Captain Aran Somchai

Commanding Officer, USS Argo


1.78m with a calm and certain bearing. He projects an image of professional certainty and has a somewhat warm and familiar style.


Hailing from a old military family in Thailand on Earth, Aran Somchai is an experienced Starfleet officer with a distinguished past.

He is perhaps most famous for his pivotal role as a cadet on shakedown in the “Rescue of the Jackson Alabama” incident where his knowledge of Romulan culture and language played a part in his ship, the USS Hermes, being given permission by the Romulan Government to tractor the Jackson Alabama out of the Romulan Neutral Zone after it was damaged and strayed off course.

He was among the first Starfleet personnel to engage the Cardassians in skirmishes, has been stationed at Starfleet Headquarters and several major Starbases.

Recently posted to the USS Argo as Captain, Aran Somchai is a dedicated Starfleet officer known best for his diplomatic skill, discipline and ability to think on his feet in a crisis situation.

He is married with two children – his family resides on Earth.

Captain Aran Somchai

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